Females In Nighties Wank Young Guy’s Erection So He Is Able To Go To Sleep

Three In A Bed from PureCFNM

Following a night on the town, the ladies have invited Sam to crash in their hotel room. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what happens as he has nothing to wear but the ladies tell him to jump into bed nude. As the babes take their clothes off and get into their satin negligees, Sam becomes rather excited. As they go to sleep he starts wanking but Vickie opens her eyes and catches him. Alessandra wakes up as well and both ladies wish to wank his penis as he obviously can’t sleep in that condition. The defenseless boy quickly has a big ejaculation for them.

There’s something about babes in silky nighties that gets my dick erect. Alessandra and Vickie look so wonderful in this video – and there’s more from these two over at PureCFNM too!

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Headteacher Orders Teacher To Undress In Front Of Two Pupils So They Can All Jack Him Off

Flashing Incident from PureCFNM

When two students allege that the new male professor exposed himself to them, the headmistress has to investigate. She drags the young teacher into her study and asks the pupils to recreate the crime in front of her. Watch the sample clip here to view what occurs when the teacher is told to remove his trousers and then wave his dick in their faces as they make fun of him. The ladies then make him sit down and each have a go to stroke his penis, getting tips in how to control a guy from the head teacher. While the young women look on in amazement he has a massive orgasm!

An older female having a youthful boy under her control and also explaining to two young babes how to handle a boner – does Clothed Female Nude Male come any better than that? I don’t think so! Click here to watch more from PureCFNM, the global pace setter in CFNM movies.

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Sorority Sluts Force New Girl To Give A Blowjob With Her Eyes Covered Only To Find Out She Was Blowing Her Tutor!

Blindfold Shock from PureCFNM

Hannah is really excited to be approved into the sorority but needs to pass the tests set by Yasmin and Chantelle. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what occurs as they blindfold her and tell her she is going to hoover the cock of the young, hot skipper of the football team. However, in strolls English professor Mr Davies who strips naked and places his cock between her lips. The other ladies also have a go and with all three girls sucking his dick he ejaculates in Hannah’s face. When she takes off the blindfold and spots who just ejaculated on her face she is disgusted!

It’s very kinky that two of the females were in cahoots with the professor to get his dick into the new girl’s mouth. And I loved how they weren’t able to help but have a suck themselves! Thanks PureCFNM for another very raunchy CFNM movie!

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Mature Guy Is Stripped And Jerked Off By Three Young Girls Just As Wife Walks In!

Daughter's Friendsfrom PureCFNM

When Brian’s wife tells him to keep their daughter’s pals entertained until she gets back, little did he know what was about to transpire! He soon discovers that the three sex-crazed youngsters fancy guys who are older than them and quickly entice their pal’s dad and pull his pants off. Watch the sample clip here to view what takes place as they are in mid wank just as his wife returns home. She assumes it is all her husband’s idea and permits the girls to continue milking the filthy old git until he explodes all over the place as they fall about in hysterics!

Teen hotties are just as horny as teen men and as we’ve just seen, they just worship erections – any cock! Considering it was their friend’s dad causes it to be even hotter, no wonder he blew his wad in front of their staring innocent eyes! Wish to watch the best Clothed Female Naked Male movies on the net? Click here now . .

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Clothed Beauties Howl With Laughter As They Take Weirdo's Clothes Off And Get Him To Fuck Their Legs Till He Ejaculates!

Leg Humper from PureCFNM

Three women are waiting for their appointment when they spot a man that walks in. Chessie recognizes him from a sex movie online and informs the other ladies that he shoots his load REALLY fast. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what happens as they want to witness for themselves so they undress him and unleash his raging hard cock! They wish to watch how little they have to do to get him to spunk so they get him to crouch on the ground and thrust his boner between their calves. They are in hysterics as he pounds their thighs, resulting in him cumming on Chessie’s legs!

It’s so raunchy when girls undress a male naked and have so much amusement with his stiffie. The way the women were in hysterics as the unfortunate man doggie humped their thighs was so horny. And when he blew his load down Chessie’s calves – it caused the exact response from my dick! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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Females Con Man Into Taking His Clothes Off By Claiming The World Is About To End

End Of The World from PureCFNM

Scarlet walks in and tells everyone she has just seen the news. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place as they find out that a meteor is on a collision course with earth and they have only one hour to live. They debate what they plan to do with their final hour and their curiosity spikes when Mark explains that he has always desired to strip all his clothes off in a room full of women. Since they are all destined to die in any event they persuade him to do it and he starts undressing in front of the girls who are quickly clapping with arousal. They take turns to play with his penis until he jets a large orgasm for them.

It was quite deceitful of these ladies to trick the guy into stripping off for them, but in reality I would have been fine with it! He got jerked to climax by five beautiful babes so it wasn’t too much hardship for him! Click here to watch more from the worldwide pace setter in Clothed Female Nude Male entertainment, PureCFNM, now.

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Naturist Is Jerked And Given Blowjob On National TV

Defending Naturism from PureCFNM

A Live broadcast is talking about the pros and cons of nudist beaches and have a naked male in their line up. As he argues with two clothed feminists, third female representative Mandy gropes his dick and starts wanking it. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when this Dutch lady is in favor of being nude herself and as she makes his penis fully erect the other girls soon see the light. They aren’t able to stop feeling it and all take turns to play with the big dick and two of them take turns sucking it. Pretty soon he shoots a big load across Mandy’s outfit!

This is a sexy video – it’s not merely the four females looking at him naked and then jerking and giving him a blowjob – it’s also all those females viewing his exposed cock through their TV sets! What a sexy idea – literally millions of ladies ogling you naked. Click here for more hot concepts from PureCFNM now.

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Chained Up CFNM Dude Is Forced To Have Numerous Orgasms From Four Different Ladies

Take Turns On Him from PureCFNM

Dan’s wife found him viewing naked girls on the internet and to punish him she has tied him up with no clothes on in their bedroom and summonsed her girl pals round. As they tuck into the wine in the lounge, one by one she sends the friends in to enjoy some fun with him. Take a look at the sample clip here to view what takes place as the ladies agree not to allow him to shoot his load but as each girl goes in they break their agreement and stroke and blow him to orgasm. The unlucky guy suffers FOUR orgasms one after the other as the horny girls laugh at his complaints and have their way with him!

It might sound wonderful getting four girls wank and blow you but again and again with no stopping? Can you really get too much of a perfect thing? Check out this scene to find out and watch more from PureCFNM by clicking here.

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Gym Boss Gets Ass Job From Three Women In Yoga Leggings

Yoga Pants from PureCFNM

Three babes are trying out the best fitness center in the area but when they find out the cost they are determined to get a reduction from the owner. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens as they beguile him with their tight fitting work out leggings and quickly have him bulging at the sight of their luscious bums. They strip him naked and take turns to rub his rigid cock against their yoga leggings, then treating him to an “ass job” where his dick is wanked between their butt cheeks. It doesn’t take long before he jizzes all over Antonia’s perfect bum!

I’ve never had an ass job before but having watched this video I am certain I need one now! Having my dick milked by two gorgeous babes’ asses has to be paradise. Click here to see more cutting edge Clothed Female Naked Male entertainment from PureCFNM now.

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Ladies Find Out Pal Used To Be A Male Stripper And Insist On Seeing His Routine!

Wildest Thing Ever from PureCFNM

Four friends are discussing the most extreme things they have ever done in their lives. Take a look at the trailer here to see what occurs as Justin reveals he once performed an exotic dance in front of 100 females for a worthy cause! As soon as he says he also still possesses the velcro g-string he used, the girls insist on seeing him in full flow. He is very embarrassed but begins dancing and undressing as the girls get more and more raucous fondling him and yanking his g-string down to reach his throbbing dick. They even take turns to jerk and taste it until he spunks onto their stockings!

I really enjoyed how these three women went wild the moment he was only left in his thong – literally yanking his pants off so they were able to get to his dick. It’s no shock he blew his cum all over their sexy stockings. Click here for more raunchy CFNM entertainment from PureCFNM now.

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