Solving Eviction Notice Problem

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Sophia was surprised when she saw Peter her boyfriend worried with an eviction letter. Sophia knows that they are admittedly later in paying rent but not to the point of being delinquent.

Sophia urged her boyfriend that they should go to their landladies and resolve this problem as they cannot be evicted.

When they came to the landladies room, immediately these landladies showed their bitchy side and showed their intentions in fooling around with his boyfriend, with her boyfriend loving the attention he gets and also for the sake of not getting evicted. His boyfriend obliged and these bitchy landladies got what they want.

Sophia dared his boyfriend not to explode his cum all over these slutty landladies, but he could not really control it anymore and blasted his cum all over these landladies hands.

Sophia being furious immediately drags his boyfriend out of the room.

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