Police Women Undress Suspect Looking For Hidden Contraband And End Up Jerking His Large Dick!

Police Frisking from PureCFNM

Police officers Chantelle and Ruby pull over a suspect’s car and plan to investigate the musclebound stud in the drivers seat. When they search him they come across a large mound in the front of his trousers. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens when they undress him and peak inside his underwear only to find a massive truncheon – his penis! The girls can’t resist wanking and tasting the massive cock and when a lady passer by inquires as to what is going on they allow her to have a good feel as well! He quickly erupts all over the place much to the amusement of all the girls.

It makes me horny when females abuse a power of control to get a male nude. This well endowed hunk could do nothing but permit the girls to do anything they desired with his cock – really horny! Click here for more fantastic CFNM scenes from PureCFNM now!

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