Fallen Angels Facesit and Suck Off A Man To Persuade Him The Devil’s Way Is Best

Gates Of Hell from PureCFNM

Having been blown by three sexy angels at the gates of heaven, Stirling is now in his other choice. He is shocked when the sexy devil’s hench women explain to him that this time it’s not about his enjoyment – what matters is the girl’s pleasure. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what happens as they hike up their dresses and show him their fuck holes and then kiss him while taking turns to gobble his dick. Georgie then squats on his mouth and face fucks him until the defenseless guy has a big ejaculation with his face still buried inside her sopping pussy. So does he now pick heaven or hell?

These girls are making it difficult for the poor man to pick. I think if I got Georgie Lyall’s sopping vagina on my face at the same time as the blowjob then I would go for the downstairs option though. Click here to see the week before’s Gates Of Heaven from PureCFNM now.

Source: PureCFNM

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