Exotic Dancer Is Recognized By Audience Member And Blackmailed Into Sex Humiliation

Stripper Recognized from PureCFNM

Exotic dancer Jake is taken aback as he turns up for a girls birthday party and one of his work secretaries is among the audience! She takes him to one side and tells him that her lips are sealed as long as he puts on a horny display. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as the unlucky boy is then forced to take all his clothes off for all the ladies while they grope him. They eventually push him onto the ground and take advantage of his cock, sucking and wanking him until he spunks in front of his office colleague!

It’s super sexy to actually enjoy CFNM experiences in real life – but imagine if a person you knew spotted you when you were exposed? It’s even sexier in this movie when the unlucky guy has to spunk for the babes to avoid his predicament – a major wankfest from PureCFNM again.

Source: PureCFNM

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