Posh Brats Undress Their Butler Before Enjoying His Penis With Their Mother

Rich Girls Toy from PureCFNM

Pandora has taken on a new butler and when he starts work she tells him about her two unruly offspring. However when she leaves, the scheming women grab hold of defenseless Jeeves, pulling his pants down and revealing his huge penis. Watch the sample clip here to watch what occurs when Pandora returns and sets eyes on the erect penis and she can’t help but have a fondle. Soon all three females shove him to the floor and jump on his penis. The daughters even battle about which of them tastes his cock first and when they all give him a blowjob he quickly surrenders his spunk to them.

Some females are simply used to receiving what they want – even if it is an unwilling boy’s cock! It’s very hot that their mother wasn’t able to stop herself from sucking him off in front of her girls as well! Oh to work for a posh family like this!

Source: PureCFNM

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