Presenter Pictures Audience Naked To Calm Nerves But Then Watches Them Getting Sucked Off!

Imagine Them Naked from PureCFNM

Charlie is getting nervous about making a live speech but her friend Amber advises her to picture the listeners naked to calm her down. As Charlie struggles through the opening part she remembers the advice but when she opens her eyes all the males in the auditorium actually ARE totally exposed! To throw her off that bit more, Amber and Anita begin milking and blowing them all until all three guys shoot their cumshots. Watch the sample clip here to view what happens as the gobsmacked Charlie shuts her eyes but as soon as she opens them the males are totally clothed again – what is going on?

A wonderful CFNM twist of the well known “imagine them naked” concept of giving a presentation. It was extremely hot watching all those male orgasms in one clip. Click here to view more from PureCFNM now.

Source: PureCFNM

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