Three Babes Humiliate And Tease Nude CFNM Male Who Can’t Contain His Erection

Fuck My Hand from PureCFNM

Mark likes having some sexy fun with Michelle but is surprised to find that today she has invited two other babes to join them. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as she explains to them how quickly he cums and they think it’s extremely amusing and want to watch for themselves! The women take his clothes off and are amused that he already has a hard on. They slowly tickle his dick and giggle as it throbs in appreciation. They torment him with their hair and then their mouths and eventually they get him to fuck their fists until he shoots a giant load for them.

Three women tormenting your dick with their fingers, tongues and hair – can your day get any better than that. I got off on the way they ordered him to fuck their fists so they didn’t need to make any effort to make him cum – it was extremely humiliating for him! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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