Female Boss Shows Off Cutting Edge Office Policies By Stripping Young Man In Front Of His Giggling Colleagues!

Relax At Work from PureCFNM

Honour has just got back from a management training session where she learnt a relaxed work force is a productive one. She asked her employees to act as if they are at home when they are in the office but the message hasn’t sunk in. Watch the sample clip here to see what happens she decides to show what she means with young Sam, bringing up porn onto his work machine and horrifying all the other girls by telling him to have a wank. When he pauses she tells the secretaries to take his clothes off and they all have a go at jerking and giving him a blowjob until he explodes!

Five sexy secretaries all taking turns on this young boy’s defenseless dick – it must be every male 9 to 5 worker’s idea of heaven hasn’t it? Click here for more CFNM fantasies from PureCFNM.

Source: PureCFNM

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