Male Worker Reports Sexual Misconduct By Lady Colleagues But Gets Undressed And Abused By Female Bosses!

Sexual Misconduct from PureCFNM

Marcus has gone to his managers to lodge a complaint of sexual harassment. He explains that some of the admin ladies manhandled him, took all his clothes off and sucked him off until he blew his semen for them. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when the three female managers are shocked but want to male certain they have the facts straight. Michelle questions if this is how they groped him – as she plays with his bulge! The rest of the bosses come to look for themselves and recreate the entire thing, undressing the powerless stud and sucking him until he has a large explosion!

Haha this was extremely funny! Going in to three strong females to whinge about getting sexually molested . . only to be sexually harassed by them as well! I get off on these Clothed Female Naked Male scenes – get over to PureCFNM for more like this now.

Source: PureCFNM

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