Two Hotties Aid Guy With A Fractured Arm To Relieve His Bulging Testicles!

One Arm Problem from PureCFNM

Clea is surprised when Cherri accompanies her boyfriend back from the emergency room with a fractured arm. They talk about how he is going to get along not being able to use a computer, ride a bike or even jerk off! Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what takes place as this sparks an idea with Cherri and she thinks they should help him out with the last one. She lifts him up and tugs his underwear to the floor in front of a surprised Clea. But when his underwear are down and she spots his huge dick, Clea sinks to the floor and the two ladies jerk and blow his penis until he ejaculates a giant orgasm for them.

It’s nearly worth breaking your arm if the hotties you know help out in this manner! Dual blowjobs really turn me on and there’s no site better at them than PureCFNM – click here to see more now.

Source: PureCFNM

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