Girlfriend Asks Her Pals To Join In With Her Boyfriend So He Doesn’t Leave Her!

Losing Him from PureCFNM

Ashleigh explains to her buddies that she is anxious that she is drifting away from Jake. He believes she isn’t experimental enough in the sack so she pleads for their aid. She begs them to get involved and give him group fuck so he will decide she is the most wonderful other half of all time! Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs when Samantha sneaks in and undresses down to her lingerie and then starts tasting Jake’s cock. He is surprised when the rest of the girls come in but then sits back and enjoys the three way blowjob until he jets out a giant ejaculation for them!

Everyone needs a babe like this! Actually begging her pals to give her husband sexual acts – at the same time! Ashleigh, I’ll get down on one knee for you? Head across to PureCFNM where these three babes have done lots of films . .

Source: PureCFNM

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