Peeping Janes Watch Man Masturbating Then Finish Him Off!

Peeping Janes from PureCFNM

Angelina and Zara are convinced they hear Jay jacking off in his bedroom every morning so they decide to conceal themselves in his wardrobe and catch him at it! He comes out of his bath and just as they thought he begins jacking off, unaware they are watching! Watch the trailer here to view what occurs as after a number of minutes they can’t help giggling and leap out of the cupboard to confront him. But his cock appears so lush that they throw him back onto his back and take over, giving him a tag team stroke job until he offers up his cum!

I would love to be studied by two horny women. Being stared at while you jack off must be such an arousing thing – there’s hundreds of videos like this over at PureCFNM, the internet’s leader in the Clothed Female Naked Male niche.

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A Group Of Women Rush To Help Guy Who Faints And End Up Giving Him A Blowjob!

Rare Condition from PureCFNM

Some ladies perusing an art gallery are surprised as a man passes out. His partner explains that he suffers from a rare condition which makes him slightly faint when his nuts don’t get relieved regularly enough. Watch the sample clip here to watch what occurs as they help him onto a chair and she asks if they will help her make him feel better. The babes enthusiastically agree and are rapidly pulling his pants off. They cup his aching balls and take turns to jack him off. As soon as some of the babes give him a blowjob as well he spunks so hard that he smacks himself in the mouth with a massive semen explosion!

This scene is fantastic because of the money shot – they made him nut so hard that he jizzed into his own mouth! I liked the ladies’ reactions to this – you can’t see that anywhere else! Click here to watch more videos like this from PureCFNM now.

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Two Ladies Discover A Guy Wanking To Porn And Show Him Their Pussies As Encouragement!

Seeing Pink from PureCFNM

When Ava and Georgie discover a guy friend jacking off to a porn magazine they wish to find out what was turning him on so much. He explains that he can’t take his mind off vaginas so, to thrill him, they flash him theirs! Watch the trailer here to view what occurs when looking at their wonderful pussies gets him excited and he begins masturbating in front of again. The females then desire to have a go themselves and kneel down next to him and take turns to jerk his big penis. When they both stroke his cock, he surrenders a large cumshot across his tummy as the girls howl with laughter!

You can walk in on me when I’m masturbating if you want girls? Seeing their gorgeous pussies would make anyone need to shoot his load. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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Man Is Tied To A Gloryhole And Pleasured Over And Over Again By Lots Of Women!

Gloryhole Trap from PureCFNM

When Georgie comes face to face with a dick poking through the gloryhole she deceives the guy and chains his penis up so he is unable to retract it. She then walks out for the rest of the night, and in that time lots of ladies come in and either grab some photos of his cock, slap it or give [[until they make him shoot his load. When the hot blonde returns a few hours later she plays with herself until she has an orgasm as he recounts to her about each of the girls that have made him have an orgasm. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what takes place as she then agrees to free him if he can reach orgasm for a fourth time from her sucking him off!

This boy might have hated not being in control but what an experience having each of those women using him one after the other. I jerked off to this film again and again as it’s such a perfect CFNM fantasy. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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Female Boss Shows Off Cutting Edge Office Policies By Stripping Young Man In Front Of His Giggling Colleagues!

Relax At Work from PureCFNM

Honour has just got back from a management training session where she learnt a relaxed work force is a productive one. She asked her employees to act as if they are at home when they are in the office but the message hasn’t sunk in. Watch the sample clip here to see what happens she decides to show what she means with young Sam, bringing up porn onto his work machine and horrifying all the other girls by telling him to have a wank. When he pauses she tells the secretaries to take his clothes off and they all have a go at jerking and giving him a blowjob until he explodes!

Five sexy secretaries all taking turns on this young boy’s defenseless dick – it must be every male 9 to 5 worker’s idea of heaven hasn’t it? Click here for more CFNM fantasies from PureCFNM.

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Five Ladies Gang Up On A Defenseless Man, Strip Him Naked And Spank And Jerk Him Dry

Public Spanking from PureCFNM

At the point that Sean smacked his other half, what he didn’t know is that she was going to spill the beans to her friends and they would organize some revenge! Her best pal ties him up starkers and parades him before four other ladies. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens as they position him over a desk and in turn they spank him with their hands and a leather paddle. The women think it is hilarious when he develops a stiffie from the flogging so they wank him off over the floor before pushing him on top of his own semen!

Robbed of his clothes, humiliated and paraded around in front of five ladies who then take turns to smack your bum then stroke your nuts dry – is that horrible or glorious? I know what my thoughts are . . click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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Overseas Police Women Abuse Their Power To Undress And Milk A Poor Guy

Foreign Police from PureCFNM

Jake is Enjoying a stag do in Budapest when the town’s law enforcement see him pissing in a doorway. They arrest him and take him to the station where they decide to force him to undress. Watch the trailer here to watch what takes place when they laugh when his small cock flops into view and throw him to the floor. They then take turns to straddle his tongue and squirt in his mouth as the other hottie sucks his now large cock. [When they tag team his penis he mistakenly shoots in Suzy’s face and hair – he’s certainly in trouble now!

These ladies are so beautiful I can’t believe they both sucked his cock and each sat on his face – he is definitely the most fortunate man in the universe! Click here for more perfect CFNM fantasies from PureCFNM now.

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Lady’s Office Pals See Her Husband Jerking Off Then Grab Hold Of His Cock!

Meet Her Boss from PureCFNM

Roxi is accompanying her boss and two co workers back to meet boyfriend Jason because she wishes to land him a position with the firm. She is horrified as they stroll in to find him jerking off to a porn mag. Boss Lola isn’t worried though and instructs him to continue while they watch. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what takes place as it’s not long before Roxi’s co workers choose to join in. As soon as Roxi helps out also, the feeling of numerous ladies on his cock makes Jason spunk extremely fast – the speed of his ejaculation making the ladies cackle with laughter!

I don’t know what’s more humiliating – being found by your wife and her office colleagues jacking off to porn – or the fact he blew his orgasm within minutes of them wanking him off! They certainly belittled him for it however! More from PureCFNM if you click here.

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Three Babes Humiliate And Tease Nude CFNM Male Who Can’t Contain His Erection

Fuck My Hand from PureCFNM

Mark likes having some sexy fun with Michelle but is surprised to find that today she has invited two other babes to join them. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what occurs as she explains to them how quickly he cums and they think it’s extremely amusing and want to watch for themselves! The women take his clothes off and are amused that he already has a hard on. They slowly tickle his dick and giggle as it throbs in appreciation. They torment him with their hair and then their mouths and eventually they get him to fuck their fists until he shoots a giant load for them.

Three women tormenting your dick with their fingers, tongues and hair – can your day get any better than that. I got off on the way they ordered him to fuck their fists so they didn’t need to make any effort to make him cum – it was extremely humiliating for him! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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Two Nurses Suck The Life Back Into Injured Man’s Penis!

Bed Bath Miracle from PureCFNM

Nurses Angelina and Zara are performing a bed bath when they notice the patient’s dick starting to twitch. He hasn’t felt anything from the stomach down after a motorbike crash but as they brush their hands against his dick it gets aroused. Watch the trailer here to view what takes place when they give his penis a nice soapy handjob before rinsing it with water. The helpless patient is over the moon to see he is sporting a stiffie and is in heaven when both women shove his dick between their lips, blowing him until he jizzes for them!

Can there be anything hotter than a nurse sucking cock? Yes, two nurses giving a blowjob! What a great movie and full respect to this man for not blowing his orgasm in the first ten seconds! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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