Hard Fuck Needed For A Broken Hearted Woman

Lois Loveheart, Queenie C

Samanta is consoling with her 3 best friends about her broken heart, she and her boyfriend have already decided to break their relationship and her ex-boyfriend is planning to get his stuff at that moment, she wanted to know if the decision is right, they all agreed but with the condition that she must have a break up sex with him.

Feeling confused, she was not sure what to do, but because her best friends know that it will help her a lot. She asks how to do this and then the fun begins…

The Ex-Boyfriend comes in and asks to get his things, but before he could say more, they confronted him got him naked and commanded him to get her ex-girlfriend a hard and memorable fuck before anything else, which he obliged!

The girls watched until they saw him blasted his nasty cum to her ex-girlfriend, thus ending the relationship with a bang.

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Prisoner’s Enjoyed This Lovely Visitation Treatment

Christina Shine, Hannah Shaw

This Prisoner was expecting her Slutty Girl to come and visit her. The problem was she arrived but the three female prison guards do not want to leave the cell, With the prison guards wanting to take advantage of the situation, they asked her to suck his boyfriend’s cock!

With the Prison Guards feeling the urge to suck off the cock of this Prisoner, they pushed aside this Slutty Girl and took turns in sucking the Prisoner’s cock.

The Slutty Girl was horrified as she saw her Boyfriend blasted his cum!

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Solving Eviction Notice Problem

cfnm-evictionnotice-01 cfnm-evictionnotice-03 cfnm-evictionnotice-04 cfnm-evictionnotice-02

Sophia was surprised when she saw Peter her boyfriend worried with an eviction letter. Sophia knows that they are admittedly later in paying rent but not to the point of being delinquent.

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