Solving Eviction Notice Problem

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Sophia was surprised when she saw Peter her boyfriend worried with an eviction letter. Sophia knows that they are admittedly later in paying rent but not to the point of being delinquent.

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Two Beautiful Girls Have A CFNM Contest Over Which Of Them Sucks Cock Better

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Sexy blonde Chelsey can’t believe it when Ava announces that she wants to date her ex. Take a look at the sample clip here to see what takes place when Ava is convinced that he won’t be unfaithful to her because she is better at sucking cock than anyone. Chelsey takes offence at this and the females commence bickering about which of them is the best. When Jack strolls in they agree to find out once and for all, pulling his trousers down and pushing and shoving each other to swallow his dick. They take turns to give him a blowjob but just as he jizzes, both of them have hold of his cock and claim victory!

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As soon as the ladies find their flatmate Mark sharing pictures of some unfortunate girl being degraded by having naked snaps of her passed around the internet, they decide to see how he likes it. Watch the sample clip here to see what occurs when they strip him naked and yank his knees apart as they take photos and giggle their heads off. All the prodding and poking soon has his dick rock hard and the females giggle at how turned on they have made him. They then each have a go to blow him until he ejaculates for them – then they pin him down and grab more pictures!

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Kirsty is furious with her sugar daddy for failing to give her enough of his time lately. She plans to punish him by embarrassing him in front of her beautiful blonde buddy Louisa. Watch the sample clip here to see what happens when initially she forces him to strip naked while they watch and then they burst out laughing when they notice how totally stiff his penis is! She ties his arms behind his back and gets him to crouch on the floor before smacking him with a paddle while Louisa jerks him off. The arousal and pain mixture is too much and he erupts all over the floor!

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Three women enjoying a stroll in the countryside stumble across a naturist colony and choose to take a cheeky peak. As soon as the nudists notice them they beckon them over and the girls are soon face to face with a number of dangling dicks! Watch the sample clip here to view what takes place as female nudist Tina is proud of her camp colleagues and explains to the girls that their cocks are enormous when fully hard. She then assists each woman grab a dick and start wanking to discover who is the largest and who spunks first! Emma even tastes her penis before several spurts of semen fly through the air!

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When Paris informs her female pals that her boyfriend ejaculated in her face despite her begging him not to, they decide to give him some of his own medicine. Watch the sample clip here to view what takes place as the arrogant guy walks in and says that all females like receiving cum in their faces. But when they strip him off and laugh at his dick then throw him down and sit on his face he quickly changes his mind. each of the girls take turns to ride his mouth to discover how he enjoys people getting themselves off all over his face. They suck his dick at the same time and he shoots a huge load all over the place as they giggle!

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Strong-willed Samantha likes swapping partners and wishes to persuade her prudish friend Kimmie and her boyfriend to join in. Watch the sample clip here to view what occurs as she tells Kimmie to sit next to her boyfriend and tells him to take his shirt off. As soon as Kimmie spots his gym-toned body she looks hopefully at her husband who is already having his penis fondled by Samantha so he permits her to carry on. The horny boy strips naked and Kimmie keenly swallows his penis in her mouth. The boyfriend then sits staring as she gives him a blowjob until he ejaculates onto her tits.

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Landladies Force Renter To Take All His Clothes Off And Permit Them To Suck His Cock In Front Of Livid Girlfriend!

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Bitchy landladies Emma and Sienna have chosen to throw out Sophia and her husband. When the pair come round to beg them to have a rethink the females want to see Peter in the nude in return for letting them stay. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens as the ladies undress Peter completely. Sophia watches in horror as they then take hold of his penis. As she warns him not to consider cumming, the women do everything they can to make him lose control swallowing his cock until he can’t control it any longer. Watching him erupt for other girls makes Sophia mad and she drags him out by his ear!

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Female Peeping Toms Notice An Exposed Dick And Simply Have To Wank It!

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Three females are peeping on Josh as he sleeps and as he pushes the duvet off they get a amazing view of his exposed dick! Take a look at the trailer here to view what takes place as the curious ladies are dying to get a closer look. They creep in and begin taunting each other to touch his cock. As they begin playing with it he wakes up but they keep going and start taking it in turns to suck it! When landlady Lois catches them in the act, she takes over and shows them how a more mature girl sucks dick – quickly causing him to spurt a huge cumshot all over her clothes!

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Two Females Trap Guy In A Honey Trap And Steal His Cash And His Spunk!

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Ava has employed sexy detective Chelsey to catch her love cheat husband in the act. She watches a hidden camera stream as Chelsey uses her feminine charms on the helpless sucker and gets him naked at his work place. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when she starts jerking his fat cock right at the moment that Ava bursts in and informs him she is divorcing him. There is just time for one final fondle of his big cock though and the two girls get to work milking a giant orgasm that really amazes Chelsey. He may have lost his wife but it seems he now has a new fan!

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